A Thanksgiving to remember! Part 1

Well now, finally I am finding time to get to puttin' my thoughts and memories of Thanksgiving in this here journal. I don't want to forget a minute of it, it was all too wonderful! My sister Emma and her husband Frank arrived Wednesday around 4pm with their boys Thomas and George. My how those boys have grown! Babes the last time I saw them. I must have hugged my sister for 5 straight minutes before I let her go, we both had tears streaming down our faces we were so happy to see each other.  The menfolk brought in the bags and I started a pot of coffe and got us a supper of potato soup and ham steaks going. Emma just couldn't believe how grown my children got to either. We both realized that time was speedin' by.  Us two got supper together while chatting wildly about this and that. My we had years of catchin' up to do. A lovely sup was had and we enjoyed some apple buckle with our coffee. Frank and John went out to do the evening milkin' with the boys while us ladies cleaned up. Emma sat with Ruth Ann and enjoyed Honey and the kittens. Ruth Ann kept telling my sister how she loved her blonde hair and her hairdo. Emma had a very fashionable bob and Ruth Ann was quite taken with it.

When the men came in from milkin' John asked about Thanksgiving eve service, but I said I thought maybe we should stay home as Emma and Frank may be all in with the ride and all. Well, to my surprise they said they would love to come to service with us. So, we all got presentable and were on our way.  It was a nice time of fellowship. We went around the room and each family got to say what they were thankful to the Lord for. Ruth Ann said she was so thankful to have a Thanksgiving turkey for dinner tomorrow and have her Aunt , Uncle, cousins and Granny Harriet with us for the day. It brought a tear to my eye it did to hear her say this. Communion was taken and after service alot of folks came by to introduce themselves to my sister's family.  They were made to feel so welcome.

At home, we got the children all tucked in and I made a pot of cocoa.  Frank and John were listening to a radio show in the parlor and Emma and I stayed in the kitchen and talked and talked and talked over our cocoa. We both agreed we needed to make more effort to see each other. Couple of times I had to tell the men to quiet down they were hootin' and hollerin' too much! Too much Amos and Andy I think.

By 10 pm we all headed up to bed. John told me he really enjoyed Frank's company. They both got along good talkin' farm stuff.  John said Frank really missed farming. Since losing his arm in the accident 5 years ago, keeping a large beef herd was near impossible.  Frank lost his arm during hayin's season. I remember they thougth he wouldn't make it' cause he lost so much blood , but he pulled through alright. Now they keep sheep and he uses a special herdin' dog to deal with rounding up the herd. Frank also works part-time at the spinning mill in town and Emma says that helps alot. They're keepin' it above water, but just barely.

As I drifted off to sleep John remarked how nice it was havin' guests under his roof. Yes, indeed it was.


  1. I hope Part 2 comes quickly!! Another lovely post...thank you :) Best wishes, Jenny

  2. Sounds like a *delightful* and *blessed* day! (o:

  3. How nice! We went around the Church at our Thanksgiving Eve service saying what we were thankful for too...


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