Aprons and Kittens

Tonight I stayed up much too late. I was finishing up a new apron for myself. My others were showing terrible signs of all the work I have undertaken over the last two months.  I 'spose I could wear those aprons as a sort of badge of honor! Well, I didn't want to be a sight on Thanksgiving with my company so I picked up a very pretty light blue cotton check at Percy's store.  I was able to barter eggs for a nice cut of it   A bit of a ruffle on the sweeping edge and a ruffle around the bib too. Not only is it functional, but so pretty and right ladylike.  I also finished up my new dress which this apron compliments beautifully.  Fancy Jenny on Thanksgiving is what I shall be!  I also made a plain apron from the check fabric too, that way if a guest wants to put one on to help out, there is a nice, new apron to offer them.  My treadle has seen more treadlin' in the last few days than in the whole time I have had her since my Mum passed on.  When Mum passed I took her beloved treadle. So many memories of sittin' by my Mum's knees watchin her foot work the treadle as she sewed us all new dresses for Christmas or Easter.  I miss her so at times.


  The house is clean and awaitin' the guests. Tomorrow is baking and prepping some of the vegetables I will serve. I will not tire myself out though. Harriet is bringing some pies so my baking is really just some nice clover leaf rolls and two pumpkin pies.

The children have been taken with the new cat and her litter of kittens.  Mama kitten has a new name too, since we don't know if she had an old one .  Ruth Ann decided she should be called honey, as her fur reminds her of the color of it. Bobby piped in with his suggestion of tiger and little Jim suggested flluffy, but honey won out.  They wanted to give all the kittens names too , but since we haven't figured if they are boys or girls yet we persuaded the children to hold off a bit .

I have been enjoying a little book of sermons by C.H. Spurgeon called Farm Sermons. Pastor Miller gave it to John and I a couple of Sundays ago to help us get started in a daily quiet time with the Lord.  Today I read The Joy of  Harvest and I quote a bit of it here to remember the wisdom of Spurgeon's preachin'. This really hit home with me as we are sharing our harvest with family and neighbors and I feel the joy of the Lord just explodin in my heart most days!  I do hope the Lord provides a time for me to share this with my sister while she is visiting.

The Joy of Harvest
"They joy before thee according to the joy in harvest."—Isaiah 9:3.

The joy of harvest generally shows itself by the farmer giving a feast to his friends and neighbours; and, usually, those who find Christ express their joy by telling their friends and their neighbours how great things the Lord hath done for them. The grace of God is communicative. A man cannot be saved, and always hold his tongue about it: as well look for dumb choirs in heaven as for a silent church on earth. If a man has been thirsty, and has come to the living stream, his first impulse will be to cry, "Ho! Every one that thirsteth!" Do you feel the joy of harvest, the joy that makes you wish that others should share with you? If so, do not repress the impulse to proclaim your happiness. Speak of Christ to brothers and sisters, to friends and kinsfolk; and, if the language be stammering, the message in itself is so important that the words in which you couch it will be a secondary consideration. Tell it, tell it out far and wide—that there is a Saviour, that you have found him, and that his blood can wash away transgression. Tell it everywhere; and so the joy of harvest shall spread o'er land and sea, and God shall be glorified.


  1. I so look forward to each installment. Thank you for sharing this gift you have with us.

  2. Lovely...I can't wait for the visitors to arrive in coming posts...lol...!!! Best wishes, Jenny

  3. My Grandma still uses a treadle sewing machine - I love that!

  4. I read the story When Queen's Ride By, years ago. I found your blog yesterday and read all the posts straight through!

    I am looking forward to the next installment of the story!


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