Chenille and old quilts

I am so incredibly tired! Right now I am in bed with my pillows puffed up behind me writing in my diary by lamplight. My feet are aching and even my back is a bit sore. John brought me up a nice hot water bottle to put on the small of my back and it feels so good. John told me to get myself to bed, that I looked plum tuckered out. I admit I am .  The last couple of days have been busy with getting the house ready for Thanksgiving and our guests.  I tackled the spare bedroom and boy I wasn't prepared for just how much work was needin' to be done in there. This room hadn't been touched since my Momma passed away 7 years ago.  Steppin' into this room and having to really look at it brought back a flood of memories of my Momma.  She died too young she did--from the polio.

 I did snap out of it and opened the windows to let the fresh air in. It became so cold I had to put a heavy sweater on! The curtains were so dirty and old that I took them down and got the windows cleaned up then went searchin in my Momma's old steamship trunk and found a white ruffled pair. After a quick soak and line dry I ironed them and hung them up. Brighted the whole room up. John brought up a pail and rags and we both washed the woodwork and gave a light going over the wallpaper. It was old, but kind of pretty still. Little lilac print John's Mum put up many years before.  John took the rag rug down and gave it a good beatin' on the line and I damp mopped the hardwood floor. On his way up he brought a heap of wood and kindling for the little pot bellied stove, the only heat in the room. He made sure it was all set and lit a nice fire and the room was warm fast, bless that man! Both of us gave the mattress a turn and I put some nice fresh sheets on the bed. I also aired out my Momma's chenille bedspread a spell and dressed the bed with it. I added a couple of quilts with cheery colors of pink and green and the room was looking invitin and comfortable.  I dusted and moved some old boxes to the attic and polished the oil lamps and got them all set. I set some towels and soap out and got the old pitcher and wash basin cleaned up and put it on the vanity. I daresay the room looked spit spot and I was very pleased with the results.  I feel much better knowing my sister and her husband have a nice room to sleep in.  John found some old army cots for the boys down the basement, cleaned 'em up and I got some blankets and pillows on them and we arranged them in the room too . Everyone should be quite all set for a night.

All the children helped so much.  Ruth Ann helped me get all the laundry done and little Jim helped clean the cots up. Bobby was trying his best to dust and was doing a fair amount of sneezing , oh it was all too funny.

John hollered up to me some hours later to come outside. Why he and the boys had cleaned up the yard of all the trash, coal scuttles and milk cans. I just couldn't believe how neat and clean the yard around the house looked. He had also tacked back up a few of the shutters that were hanging. It was all too much! It looked like real prosperous kind of people lived here. Course prosperous ain't a word that applies to us, but that was what I thought when I stood off the porch and looked around. John and the boys were so proud and I know the smile I had on my face made them feel good too.

When I got the room all done I sat down on the my Momma's chenille spread and just passed my hands over it. She loved that spread so, saved a long time to have herself a store bought spread. White background with little pink rosettes. I remembered how each Spring  she would taket it from the trunk, give it a wash and line dry, oh so carefully. There was no sittin' on her bed when the chenille was on. Come the fall she would air it and pack it back up and put the heavy feather quilts on. We all knew when the chenille was on the line Spring and Spring cleaning was right around the corner.

I am closing to do a bit of praying. Praying for my sister's family to get here safely and that I can get all the Thanksgiving preparations done. And I am going to be saying alot of thanks to the Lord too.


  1. Thank you, I love reading this series...Suzanne

  2. You are very welcome and thank you for commenting! I never really know if someone likes this or not unless they tell me:-)

  3. I am enjoying reading all the post you put in, and it's like stepping into her world.

  4. I'm so glad Jennie got the room ready - it sounds perfect!

  5. Oh I am *so glad* that you are posting here again! What a blessing your stories are.

    I hope this doesn't come off as nit-picky for that is *not* my intention at all....But the Ezra Taft quote in your side bar says '1986' and I'm thinking perhaps you meant to type '1886'.


  6. I know that you probably think Ezra lived a looong time ago because of the name , but actually the date is right:-) And I don't think your being nit-picky, I would have pondered the same thing;-)

  7. Ah....this is like a breath of fresh air! Thank you for doing this and I eagerly await for notification that a new post is up!

    Many Blessings,

  8. Suzanne,

    You are right, LOL, the name made me think it was an older quote. Plus I remember 1986 and it's hard for me to imagine too many people thinking that way then. (o;

    Thanks so much and I'm glad I didn't offend. (o:


  9. This is so nice to read. Is it possible to read the chapters before this one? Susan


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