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A new little girl!

How I have missed my quiet times writing in my diary! My Grandma used to tell me never to waste time as it slips through your fingers like sand. I never understood what she meant, but now I sure do! John and I had a darling baby girl July 10.. Her name is Virginia Rose. I named her after my Mum and my new friend Rosealee. She is a petite little thing only weighin  6lbs at birth. It was a tough pregnancy boy! Right after Thanksgiving I got sick with my blood pressure. The midwife wanted me in hospital, but with a family at home and my responsibilities I told her that won't work.  John got right fussy with me and took me in to hospital and they gave me some new fangled medication that was supposed to help and told me to stay in bed. Now, I have never stayed in bed unless I am really sick. Course the doctor who was pretty no nonsense told me and John if I didn't stay in bed I would lose the baby and maybe die! That did it-John insisted I be in bed. My lands all the thoughts