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The comfort of old quilts

 Well here I lay covered in my grandmum's old quilt. Grandma could handle needle and thread better than anyone I have ever come across. I believe she made this quilt for her hope chest. Each time I visited her and Pop's home I would go to her bedroom and run  my hands over the little stitches and squares of pretty calico colors. Whenever I slept over there Grandma would cover me in her handmade quilt.  Grandma told me one time that everytime she worked on her quilt she prayed to God that it would bless whoever was under it. I think she prayed comfort and healin' into it.  Ruth Ann is laying right next to me. We're both sick. Terrible flu that is hitting the county hard. Even had to have Doc Layton out here twice. Poor John is trying his best to hold down the fort here. He has been seeing little Jim off to school and getting meals for him and the boys. I have smelt a few things burning on the stove, but John always yells up that it's alright, it's alright.