The comfort of old quilts

Well here I lay covered in my grandmum's old quilt. Grandma could handle needle and thread better than anyone I have ever come across. I believe she made this quilt for her hope chest. Each time I visited her and Pop's home I would go to her bedroom and run  my hands over the little stitches and squares of pretty calico colors. Whenever I slept over there Grandma would cover me in her handmade quilt.  Grandma told me one time that everytime she worked on her quilt she prayed to God that it would bless whoever was under it. I think she prayed comfort and healin' into it. 

Ruth Ann is laying right next to me. We're both sick. Terrible flu that is hitting the county hard. Even had to have Doc Layton out here twice. Poor John is trying his best to hold down the fort here. He has been seeing little Jim off to school and getting meals for him and the boys. I have smelt a few things burning on the stove, but John always yells up that it's alright, it's alright. 

I have to write this here so I remember. The ladies at church got wind from neighbor Harriet we were ill and they have brought us three meals. What a blessing to us and to John. Homemade chicken soups and lemon jellies have made us feel a bit better.  Harriet has been an angel coming over in the early afternoon to watch Bobby so John can get some chores done. She checks on me and Ruth Ann and is like a mother hen. Makes me miss my own Mum so much, but I am glad to have her and her kind ways ministering to us. She keeps makin' me drink her "healin' teas".  Some taste good , but there were a few bad ones in there!

Both our fevers broke yesterday, but the doc says at least three more days of bedrest before he wants us up and around. Ruth Ann has had a horrible cough so she is propped up and for the first time in almost two weeks she is sleeping comfortably. She is so frail right now I am worried.  I have gotten alot of reading in my Bible done. Been reading alot in the book of Psalms and being comforted from those words. 

Perhaps tomorrow if I feel up to it I will write about our Christmas. It was certainly a lovely time, but I did a bit too much and that is how I think I got run down and got this sickness.


  1. YAY! That's what I said when I saw this post pop up in my reader!

  2. So delighted to see a new post! I really love reading them!

  3. Thanks Mrs. Rabe, I am so glad you enjoy it:-)

  4. If only that quilt could talk :) Looking forward to the next post, Jenny

  5. I, too, was exited to see a new post! Love reading all your stories! Keep them coming ! Thank you for the inspiration.... "When queens ride" by has been one of the most inspiring stories I have ever read!!


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