November~Getting Winter Ready

Well now, I have right neglected my journal for weeks now! I have so many things to put down here, but so little time. This is good though. I am not spinning my wheels anymore wonderin' where my day got to-no I am seeing work accomplished and it feels pretty good.  All my cannin' was finished and the supply on the shelves is bountiful. We won't starve that's for sure!  I put my garden to bed and have plans to enlarge it next year by just a bit. I am planning on planting vegetables that we eat and maybe some we can sell. 

We did have alot of our apples rot. It is a shame I know. John and I were surprised at how many of the folks from the church came to buy some though. Once word got out about our orchard the ladies came and bought bushels for their own puttin up. I am grateful to God for this provision. Because of the business from the church ladies I have a bit saved up for some shoes for the children.

The milkin' is going good and the barn is full of hay. The wood pile is plentiful too so we will be nice and warm in this old farmhouse of ours.  John is pretty confident we'll sled through the winter right comfortable.  There is a couple of cows on the jumpy side that have been getting out of the fencing, but John is right at it when it happens.  He seems happier and not so tired now. I thought for sure without all my help this place would sink.  I am keepin' a tidy house, gettin' meals on the table, planning for the future and taking good care of John and the children. A very nice older woman at church named Grace told me that I am a keeper at home and to be a good one I got to keep the home, take care of the needs there. She even showed me a Bible verse about it.

We have been at church every Sunday since the harvest party! Our Sundays are so peaceful where just a short time ago they were filled with hard work and worry. John does do the milking of course, but we been giving some of that away to the church folk and I am baking more custards and puddings so we feel like we are giving a bit of a tithe to the Lord on Sundays.  Sunday is now a family day for us. I like coming home and getting us a nice dinner. In the afternoon we will read together or play some games and then at night after a bit of supper we listen to a radio show and get to bed early.  I look in the mirror and I don't see an old , haggard woman anymore. I think I look younger and maybe even pretty.

My knittin needles are clacking away! I have two of the childrens Christmas gifts done and am working on socks for John and a nice warm vest for him too.

Thanksgiving is coming up pretty fast and I am so excited for it. I didn't cook nothing for it last year! We just had us a regular work day as usual. This year will be different. I sent  my sister Emma a letter a week ago and asked if her and the family would like to spend the holiday with us. I am anxiously waitin' her reply and hopin' they will come. I haven't seen her in 5 long years and I miss her so. Her boys must be so big by now. Last time I recollect they were 7 and 9 years of age.  John thinks we should try and see more of our families if we can. Both our parents passin on at young ages it just leaves me with my sister and brother and John's sister Alice. 

Now I am off to knit a few more rows and get myself to bed. I am also prayin a spell before I fall asleep, askin the Lord for help and givin thanks for my blessings which I know are many.


  1. A lovely post...worth the wait.. Thank you :) Jenny

  2. I was so happy to see a new post from Jennie! Can't wait to hear about Thanksgiving...

  3. I was just thinking what to do with all our bounty of eggs - all my chickens are 'a layin'. A dozen a day. Thank Jennie for sharing that she was going to make some custards - just the inspiration I needed right at this moment in time!


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