Company coming for Thanksgiving!

I just couldn't go off to bed without jotting this down! My sister Emma and her family are coming to stay for the Thanksgiving holiday. Not just dinner but an overnight stay! They're driving up Wednesday night and will leave Friday after breakfast. I am going to have overnight guests in this old farmhouse. I reckon I have never had an overnight guest except for my Ma when she took ill and needed to stay a spell. First thing in the morning I am going to tackle getting the guest room ready. I haven't even thought of doing anything to that room since getting the house in order. I am going to be one busy bee for sure.

And I have another guest at the Thanksgiving table. At church today the Pastor asked if we could give Harriet Pritchard a ride home since she lived up the road from us. She is a sweet old lady with a right peppery streak in her.  Well, John invited her over to have dinner with us to my surprise. Of course, I was secretly delighted that he asked her as it tells me he has confidence in my running the house right. A nice ham dinner with fried potatoes and my special biscuits with apple butter was served and I never seen an old lady eat so much in my life! Why I served this meal to Henry Davis not too long ago and I thought he ate alot, boy I do believe she kept up with him.  She is a mighty interesting lady and I hope to get to know her a bit better. If my children had a granny I would hope she would be like Harriet. 

After dessert John gave Harriet a ride home while I got the washin' up done. When he came back he told me he asked her if she had any plans for Thanksgiving and all and she didn't . Seems she does have a daughter but had some fallin' out few years back so doesn't see her. Well Harriet is coming to dinner too! My gosh I just can't believe this. I pray I can pull it off.

I am gonna start praying now for strength.


  1. Wouldn't it be lovely to be 'there'......thank you :) Jenny

  2. What fun times we have to look forward to as this family prepares for Thanksgiving!

  3. I am sure Jenny will do just fine. It is a joy to read. Mini Blessings, L J


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