Fall Cleaning

As glorious Autumn unfolds, my mind is still wrapped around all the 'fall cleaning'. Well, if I am honest I haven't done a Spring or Fall cleaning in so many years that I shouldn't call it anything but deep cleaning I guess. My Mum always said cleanliness was next to Godliness. I am thinkin' maybe she was right.

I managed to get the entire parlour cleaned spit spot and put in right order. Oh the mess! The shades had been drawn for over a year as we never went in there. We were either too doggone tired at night that we just fell in bed or there weren't no place to sit comfortable like anyway we just didn't bother.  All the curtains came down and got a washin' as well as the windows and woodwork. I took the sofa and chair cushions outside to air in the sun and gave 'em a good bangin' too. Quite a bit of dust flew out I hate to admit!  I stitched a new cover for the rockin chair cushions and draped one of my mother's afghans over it and it looked real pretty.  I even changed the room around a bit and put the sofa and chair in a different spot and it opened the room up alot. How I wish we had money for a new set from the catalog, but I am going to purpose to be content and make do. I think I will make some new pillows for the sofa. I put a nice big vase of sunflower blossoms on the sofa table and some plants in the window. When I stepped back the room really looked pretty! The floor got a good wash and the rug an extra good sweeping. I moved the radio back in and John and the children and I have been enjoying our evenings in there after dinner. John told me how comfortable the parlour was now that I put it in order.

I also got to the bathroom. Scrubbed white again and I had John pick up a few new white towels at Percy's store. I embroidered little blue periwinkles on the edges and they look so darlin' hangin' on the rack near the sink.

Well I need to put this diary down and get to dinner. John butchered a steer and tonight we are having a nice roast with our own potatoes, carrots and parsnips roasted in the pan. It smells wonderful!  I need to finish the apple pie so will write again later.


  1. Coming on-line and finding a new post was like getting a Christmas present!
    Thank you so much! Do you know where I might be able to obtain a copy of the original book?
    God bless,

  2. Seeing the picture of the lady on the floor on her knees scrubbing under the claw foot bath made me smile. That is me once in a while! We have a claw foot bath - there is no other way to clean under it except on hands and knees! The mop can only reach so far under! You reminded me it is time to do this again!

  3. Helen, as far as I know it was never a book, just a short story published perhaps in a magazine. It is in play form too and Loretta Young performed it on her show The Loretta Young Show. Perhaps perusing an old book shop might produce a copy. If you find one do share! I am so glad your enjoying the story:-)

  4. I'm enjoying your diary very much. I almost feel like I can picture this young mother as she carries out her tasks for the day. And I can relate to being so tired that you forget to do the things you should, and it becomes a circle of discouragement.
    God bless you.

    Kris in Nebraska

  5. Oh my, she got quite a lot done in one day! I cannot imagine being that productive. I have been going through boxes to get ready for a yard sale this morning. I made homemade macaroni and cheese for lunch. Hubby is making a pie crust for me; then, I'll be filling it. Chocolate meringue is on the menu for tonight. I sold one pie and one is for us. Yum!


  6. I found the full version as a free ebook at the link below.



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