Not a complete loss

My lands today was another full day! I put up 20 jars of my homemade tomato sauce, 20 jars of tomato soup and 15 jars of my momma's piccalilli. I am dead tired but looking at the rows of canned jars down the root cellar has me glowing with pride. 

That tomato patch I worked so hard at was a dead loss in the marketing sense of the way things are, but I was determined they wouldn't go to waste. I learned my lesson real good.

Tomorrow I am going to finish canning the rest of the tomato's after the washing is done. John knew I was upset over the loss of the tomato patch , but being the gentleman he is he didn't say a word. Just came in the kitchen for lunch and said something smelled so good he could smell it all the way to the barn. I told him to go along with himself ,but that flattery will get you a second piece of pie for sure!

Little Jim came home with a B on his latest spelling test, but he is still strugglin' with his math facts. John tooks some heavy paper from the cupboard and had Jim write his facts in dark pencil on squares he cut up. He said he would test Jim each night for 10 minutes or so with these little cards. He told Jim his teacher Miss Randolph taught him how to memorize them this way and it helped him alot.

After gettin' the children settled and in bed and getting the kitchen tidy for tomorrow's work I went and sat down in the parlour with John. It was so strange to be sitting in there, just him and I . We hadn't known how to relax for years. I swear we are getting more done than before! I am keeping my priorities straight now and the sleddin' is a bit smoother for sure.

I picked up my knitting and John was looking at the local farmers magazine while we listened to a broadcast of The Shadow. I do like that program, but Abbott & Costello are still my favorite by far.  I am working on some Christmas gifts for the family. John will have some new wool socks and a cardigan. The children need new cardigans and hats and mittens--they are growing so fast I can't keep up with 'em.

Well, time to put the pencil and pad down and get some sleep. John is already snorin' away next to me!


  1. What a lovely blog....I too love Abbott and your weekend, Jenny

  2. I am soooo proud of Jenny, it's as if I know her personally!
    Thank you for such a lovely gift as this blog,
    God bless,

  3. We have the satellite radio in the car and when we're on long trips we listen to the classic radio shows - Scout loves the Shadow...

    I love this diary - I can't wait to read what Jenny's been up to...

  4. I'm so looking forward to her next entry - I am really enjoying your writing.


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