A Little Visit

This weekend was just a whirlwind of activity! I didn't have time to jot down one thought 'til now. Saturday, while John brought the milk to town, the children and I got to work. Little Jim and Bobby had instructions to start clearing the back walk of all rubbish and bringing buckets and bins to the barn door where John could decide what to do with them. I was going to get that side of the house gussied up. After the highway lady walked through there and I was so embarrassed by the mess I had that on my list of things to do.  A nice clean path and some bulbs planted for Spring blooming would look right pretty I figured. 

RuthAnn and I started the days baking. Boy did we get alot done and what a treat to have my little girl beside me in her apron just happy to help her Mama.  We made batches of apple muffins, apple cakes, apple and oatmeal cookies and four apple pies! I figure we could just about use up our whole orchard with baking if need be!

John came home just before I had set lunch out so he helped the little boys with the buckets and rubbish. Just clearing that away gave the house a whole new look, why it looked right clean, tidy and welcoming. 

After lunch and tidying the kitchen John and the boys took to throwing a baseball around the back . I had tears in my eyes as I watched him show our sons how a bat was held and how to pitch a ball. Before we married John played for the church league here and there. Little Jim had come home from school Friday with a very long face. After a bit of coaxin' we got the story that he had been made fun of by some of the boys for not being able to play ball well. I think this just crushed John's heart and he promised little Jim he would give him a few lessons on baseball. He kept his word and the boys couldn't have smiles any wider than they had while out with their Papa throwing that ball around. 

We all gathered some corn stalks so I could tie some bundles and decorate the outside of the house with a bit of our harvest. Those pictures of homes in the ladies magazines showed such beautiful decorations on porches. So, I took it into my head to do the same! John helped me tie some stalks to the porch beams and I put pumpkins and gourds around the stalks and on the steps. Oh did it look pretty when I was done! John said I had a good eye for decoratin' and I think he was pretty happy I had taken the time to do this. Both of us had a bit more pride in our home as it was shapin' up. It's not fancy and nothing is new, most is worn out , but now it is clean and tidy and lookin' like a place someone may want to stop by and visit.

 I had spread a nice checked tablecloth I found in the drawer on the table on the front porch. I thought it was such a sunny, warm day for Autumn that we could enjoy come cookies and cider on the porch. Well, no sooner had we sat down than a truck was coming up the lane. We hadn't had a visitor in so long, besides Harry Davis, that we were pretty surprised and almost forgot our manners when the family all spilled out. I say spilled cause six children kind of tumbled out when the parents opened the door. Some olders jumped out of the back of the truck.  Why they all lined up beside their Ma and Pa and you could tell were itichin' to play with my children.  They were just darlin' and then we all made introductions. It was the Pastor of the church up the road and his family.  They were visiting an elderly lady up the road apiece and saw our sign for apples and wanted to buy some.  Their names were Philip and Lila Miller. 

We all went out to the orchard and got a couple of bushels for Mrs. Miller picked. She told me she planned on canning apple butter and apple sauce. It was lovely to have a little lady chatter in my day. I had quite forgotten how enjoyable the company of another lady is. We talked about the children and cooking and canning like we was old friends!

After picking the apples we invited them to share some cookies and cider on the porch with us. They obliged and the children sat on the front grass and enjoyed the goodies too. Pastor Miller got 'round to asking if we were church goers. John kind of shuffled his feet a bit and said well we used to be, but all the work on the farm kind of took every minute of every day from us. The pastor was a nice fella and told us he understood and said anytime we wanted to stop in and visit the church we were most welcome. Of course the children came running up to me asking if they could go to Sunday school tomorrow with their new friends! It was a bit uncomfortable for a moment, but I told the children their Pa and I would talk it over and perhaps we would pay a visit. They all yippeed in glee at that!

The Millers didn't overstay their welcome and were very thankful for the apples,cider and cookies. I gave Mrs. Miller a jug of our own apple cider and a jar of my apple butter. She was a very sweet lady and said to me if the children ever did wish to come to Sunday school it started at 9am. Then they had a coffee and social 'til 10:30 and right after that service started. I told her I was much obliged by the invite and we would consider it sometime.

As they drove down the lane John looked at me and asked how long had it been since we stepped inside a church? I said I didn't know, maybe 6 or 7 years. He said well if we do show up I hope the church don't fall on our heads. We both had a good laugh over that.

I am so plum tired I have to finish this another night. I am one busy bee in my home , but this is a good tired. Things are shaping up inside and I don't know how or why but things on the outside seem to be coastin' along too!


  1. Oh - I do hope they go to Church!

  2. Dear Suzanne,
    I am going to so enjoy reading all these entries. the original story was one that I have loved and been inspired by for so many years.
    thank you for sharing your creative talents
    God Bless

  3. Oh please hurry with the next post!!!!
    God bless,


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