A bit of pocket money

Another early mornin' saw me fixin' a hearty breakfast of flapjacks, bacon and eggs today! I also got the day's bread dough mixed and ready to rise. It's refreshing to get up before everyone else and start the day. Little Jim was dressed in a clean , ironed shirt and pants and sent off to school with his books and lunch tin. Where has the time gone? That little boy of mine looked like a man walkin' down the lane to school all smiles. Makes my momma's heart proud. John was just returnin' from the milkin' and gave little Jim a pat on the head and some more encouragin' words about his school studies. Jim seems to be a bit happier going out the door to school since John has been helping him with his math and spelling in the eves. My husband is really such a lovin' man and I feel blessed to have him! John was looking confident this morn as he told me he was on his way to see Percy at the store. I had a clean and ironed shirt and pants for John's trip this morn' and told him to head on up to the bedroom to change into them. He looked right perplexed and asked me what was all the fuss about. "Well, I figured since you would be discussing business you may want to be lookin' your best", I told him. "Yes, I reckon your right Jennie", he replied. John came down a few minutes later lookin' right smart and I told him so. "I'll be back around lunch time or a bit after I spose'. I think I will get to the hayin' the field and work right to suppertime", John surmised. "When you get back I will have some lunch fixed up for you, can't be working on an empty stomach all afternoon, now can you", I said. John gave me a sweet kiss goodbye and told me I was lookin' real pretty. I swear I hadn't seen John stand so tall and sure for a good long time. A quick prayer was offered up that Mr. Percy would need that hay and eggs . The extra bit of pocket money would come in mighty handy!
With all the ironin' and mendin' caught up on I set about fryin' some chicken for lunch. The old Switchel flask was still hanging in the basement and I got it and decided to make a big batch for John to take while hayin'. This would help him keep hydrated while was out in the sun. The pottery felt cool to my hands and I remembered when we were first married how I would make the drink for John when all the hayin’ needed doin’. I mixed him up a batch in my old mason jar and set it in the icebox to get nice and cold.

 With lunch ready and some time to spare I decided my bedroom needed some more attention. Those old curtains needed to be soaked in some peroxide to whiten them up and I washed the two windows so the sun could stream through. I gave the walls a quick wash. The bedroom looked cozy and so clean now. The big rocker for rocking my babes begged me to come sit a spell and I did! I just rocked for a bit and took in the orderly room. It all felt so good!

It was after 12:30 so I decided to get the children fed and put a dish aside for John.  After lunch we put the kitchen in order and we sat down and we played a game of jacks! I don't think I have played a game with my children , well, I can't remember ever playing! They were both so full of smiles. I sent them up to their rooms for a bit of a rest and I went out to check on the chickens and turkeys. More eggs!

John drove in just as I was bringin' the basket of eggs in and he was grinning from ear to ear! Yes, Percy wanted to buy hay and he wanted fresh eggs too! Thank you Lord--this will help us out tremendously! I do believe this restored John's confidence in himself as a farmer.

After I fed John his lunch and sent him off to the field I sat down in the living room and started spinning my wool I had dyed last fall.  It had been awhile since I had spun, but the old wheel felt familiar to my hands and I spun up a nice size skein for a pair of mittens. Maybe later tonight I can cast on for the first pair. 

The children and I made up a nice batch of oatmeal and apple chunk cookies. They had more flour on them than in the dough , but it was good to see them smilin' and enjoying this time with me.  The first batch came out just as little Jim came in from school. We all had a snack of cookies and cider. 

Tomorrow was Saturday and I decided I would get back in my old routine of baking quite a bit on that day. I got apple pies and apple doughnuts on the list as well as more cookies.  The children and I went out and picked us a good bushel of apples for tomorrow's baking.

Dinner was leftover potato and ham soup with fresh bread and a squash casserole. I don't like to pat myself on the back , but dinner was quite good. 
After dinner we all gathered around the radio and listened to a broadcast of Little Orphan Annie, the children love that show. I was able to cast on for the first mitten while they listened and after the children were tucked in John and I enjoyed an episode of Abbott & Costello with some pie and tea.

Our lives in the last few days have calmed down so, seem so peaceful. I wish that stranger would come by again so I could thank her personally. She must of thought I was a hopeless case .

Well now I must put this diary down and get to sleep, John is snoring away next to me. I have much to do tomorrow and I am looking forward to every task on my list!


  1. I love reading old diaries and this reads just like one!

  2. Thanks Teresa--glad your enjoying it!

  3. Hi Suzanne~I just love reading journals!! The pictures fit in with your great journal writing! I am really enjoying reading them. God bless,Rose

    P.S. I am putting some pictures up and a link to your Esty shop on my blog~I love the math gnomes you made for me~Thanks again, rose


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