A New Year's Eve Bonfire!

Tonight I will be hostess to a New Year's eve party. I am hopin' I can pull this one off. All John's idea and a right surprise too. After church  on Sunday he told me that he offered our place to hold a New Year's eve bonfire for fellowship. Before I knew it I had so many ladies asking me what they could bring! I was so taken back I told them whatever they please for their family and some to share. What that is gonna look like I haven't got a clue.


I put up some large crocks of my grape juice on the back porch to chill and I have ten pies baked, apple, blueberry and peach, all from my summer canning. John has a large smoked shoulder warming and I have about twenty taters cooking in the stove. John told me to keep it real simple and not to overwork myself, so I am takin' his advice.

He has hay bales all outside the bonfire pit for folks to sit on and I do hope they remember quilts to cover them with. I got extra, but it is chilly so they may need them for warmin' up. Pastor is takin' extra chairs from the fellowship hall with a few long tables too so spreadin' the food and having a place to sit and eat is taken care of I reckon. I am  glad we still got the tree up cause it looks pretty in the parlor.

The children are so excited they are runnin' around here like jack rabbits asking me the time every few minutes. Thank goodness Harriette showed up to help and offer her hostessin' skills. I am just havin' a sit down with a cup of tea writin' this all down. Please Lord, let this all turn out good and let me hostess a good party here for my husband. I ain't seen him smiling like this in a long time. The boys even have the pond all shoveled for some skatin'. This old place hasn't seen such happiness in a good long while!


  1. So pleased to see another entry as I was preparing myself for New Year's Eve. Sounds like they will have a lot of fun! Thank you for adding another post to this wonderful story.

  2. Beautiful..thank you so much for doing these..

  3. I look forward to hearing how much fun you all had.

  4. So glad for another update--hope there will be a report on how the evening went. Thank you for continuing this story. love it. Sharon D.

  5. Happy New Year! I am so happy you are back to posting more stories of Jennie and her family.

  6. Oh Suzanne, I'm so happy to see you writing again, and just look at the compliments you've received.

    Be blessed to be a blessing this year my dear! In Jesus' Name!

    Laura Lane
    Harvest Lane Cottage

    P.S. Saying a prayer tonight for you and yours.

  7. Thank you for another chapter! I just love this story!

  8. Thank you Suzanne for all the wonderful posts. I simply love this story as do so many other ladies. It has blessed me and encouraged me so much! I found it through Laura's Blog Harvest Lane Cottage, so thank you Laura!
    God bless you as you continue to reach out to so many, Helen

  9. I haven't checked here in ages and was thrilled to see new posts, even though they are a few months old!

    Thank you!


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