A spring in my step

My poor, poor journal! How I have neglected writing my days down here.  Let's see, where should I start. Well, me and Ruth Ann got over the sickness , but then the menfolk here got it. Made for a very interesting few weeks. I never in all my born days boiled so many chicken carcasses for broth as I did when those three were layed low. 

Old Mac McCarthy from up the road came and helped with the milkin' and I can never repay his help and kindness. Of course, I fed him real good and sent him home with plenty of my canning, but all that help, I just feel like we should do more. I keep prayin' for the Lord to show me how to bless him so I will just wait for the sign.

I planned my kitchen garden during the eves while the men were sick.  Got all the seeds too! I am not overextending myself. I remember all too clearly the toll all my ideas and back breaking labor took on my household and I don't ever want to go back to that.  No, my place is right here in the home, making sure my family is taken care of.  John and I decided we'll plant us a nice patch on the side of the kitchen for all the needs of the family and any leftovers we'll share or try to sell here and there. It will be just enough to keep me plenty busy.  We're gonna have us some peas, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, green beans, cabbages and lots of cucumbers to make pickles. There will be a nice assortment of herbs and flowers too.  I hope to bring a nice bouquet of fresh cut flowers to church each Sunday for the pastor's table he uses to preach from.

The ladies from church have been so nice to me. An older woman named Josephine has been coming to my home every Thursday afternoon to do a Bible study with me. I am learning so much about Jesus and my role in the home. She's a right smart lady, been married 43 years with 6 children all growned up. We talk alot about being a wife and mum and she encourages me when I feel I am not measuring up.

Last month I went to my first ladies quilting bee. Oh what fun! My Mum used to make some beautiful quilts and I am always thankful she and my grandma insisted I learn how to handle needle and thread. Every Saturday afternoon from 1-4, the first Saturday of the month the ladies meet at the church to work on this quilt. A lovely young gal named Grace is getting married in October and this is to be her gift from the church ladies.  It is a lovely wedding ring design with blues and tans and mauves. Gonna look mighty fine on her new bed! We bring our little girls with us and there are always some real good homemade treats to snack on too!

Well now, I am off to bed, plumb tired, but I am resolving to write more. Lord willin'.


  1. So glad to hear from Jennie again!

  2. Wonderful to catch up with Jenny and her family!

    Thanks for taking the time to write this blog.


  3. Oh lovely, I really enjoy these posts....

  4. I just love the little pearls of wisdom for homemakers that 'slip' into the story!

  5. I was *so excited* when I saw a new journal entry pop up on my feed reader! (o:

  6. I just love this. "When Queens Ride By" has long been one of my very favorite stories...I always wished I knew what Jennie did next!


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