An invitation

I am not quite sure where to begin recounting the weekend. It certainly was unlike any me and John have ever had.  Saturday morning I was finishin' up my baking when I heard the sound of a motor. Couldn't imagine who would be stoppin' by and was I ever surprised to see the pastor's wife Lila and some of her children gettin' out of the motorcar.  My she sure looked pretty. She had on a cream colored dress with little rosebuds in the pattern. Her gloves were cream colored too and her hat was a straw one with little roses on it. I can't say she was fancy dressed , just real fresh and dainty like.

I hurredly took off my soiled apron and put on a clean one. I did have an older dress on , but I had mended it and with the apron I don't suppose I was too much of a sight. I ran and took a quick look in the mirror and was so glad I had decided to braid my hair and pull it into a twist.

The kitchen was just showing the work of the morning, nothing like when the highway lady came by--thank goodness! I had four apple pies and three loaves of bread cooling on the table. The children were playing in their rooms and when they heard the bell, came running like fire down the stairs.

Lila and the children came into our kitchen and I offered her some coffee. She didn't have time to stay just wanted to drop by and ask if we might like to come to church in the morn. They were having a harvest party and there would be alot of fun doings for the children like making scarecrows and apple bobbin'. A potluck lunch would be enjoyed too, but we didn't need to bring a thing.  I told her it sounded like alot of fun and I would run it by John. Lila assured me there was no pressure to attend service if we didn't want to, we could just come at noon for the party.

I did get 'round to asking her what brought her our way and she said she was making a visit to Harriet Pritchard up the road. Seems she had a fall and being 78 and all alone in that old farmhouse of hers she was checking up on her.  Lila and her girls did a bit of cleanin' and tidyin' and brought her dinner. I thought that was one of the most thoughtful things I ever did hear in ages, right Christian of them.  Course being a pastor's wife and all I spose it ain't too unusual.

My lands I will have to finish this up later!! Little Jim is bringin' a cake to school tomorrow for a celebration and I plum forgot I still need to put the icin' on!


  1. Lovely! You can 'picture' the wearing of gloves, and fashion style of the day. These might have changed over the years, but fortunately there are still some who are happy to help a others. Thank you :) Jenny

  2. Thank you girls, glad your enjoying it:-)


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