This is a continuation of Agnes Sligh Turnbull's short story When Queens Ride By, first published in 1932. You are reading the diary of Jennie Musgrave and her journey back to the heart of her home. Jennie is a farm wife living in the 1940's in rural Massachusetts. Her diary chronicles her account of returning to the role God made especially for her, that of help-meet to her husband and loving mother. It is my sincere wish this diary bless you. ~Suzanne

Friday, November 2, 2012

A new little girl!

How I have missed my quiet times writing in my diary! My Grandma used to tell me never to waste time as it slips through your fingers like sand. I never understood what she meant, but now I sure do! John and I had a darling baby girl July 10.. Her name is Virginia Rose. I named her after my Mum and my new friend Rosealee. She is a petite little thing only weighin  6lbs at birth. It was a tough pregnancy boy! Right after Thanksgiving I got sick with my blood pressure. The midwife wanted me in hospital, but with a family at home and my responsibilities I told her that won't work.  John got right fussy with me and took me in to hospital and they gave me some new fangled medication that was supposed to help and told me to stay in bed. Now, I have never stayed in bed unless I am really sick. Course the doctor who was pretty no nonsense told me and John if I didn't stay in bed I would lose the baby and maybe die! That did it-John insisted I be in bed. My lands all the thoughts racin' through my head.  But God was so good to me and the family. He brought all the ladies at church together to help us. Why John had to hardly cook a dinner for us, and clean--why the ladies kept my house spotless. I have never been so humbled in all my days.  My older neighbor Harriet came during the day,everyday to help with the children. I will never be able to pay that dear woman back as long as I live.  She was such a blessin' to us.  Little Virginia is almost 4 months old now and just a sweet and quiet girl. Ruth Ann is a big help and we are getting back into a routine. I couldn't do  a lot of canning and I am a bit worried about the winter months, but John assures me we will be fine. The root cellar is full of veggies and apples. 

I spent so much time in bed I nearly knit myself to death! So many little sweater sets were made for our little Virginia. I even made a couple for my friend Rosealee who had a baby boy and a big one, 10 whole pounds!  His name is Salvatore but we all call him Sal.  

John keeps makin' sure I get my rest. He is acting like a honeymooner for cryin' out loud. I try to tell him I am not made out of China, but the Lord spoke to me and said Jennie hush and let your husband take good care of you. 

I am plannin' on having Thanksgiving here at the farmhouse. My sister Emma can't join us, but she is hopin' to come for Christmas. Our new friends and of course Harriet will come and maybe more too. The church ladies are makin' baskets for the less fortunate and I am going to make a few pies to send along. John is butchering our turkeys soon and we are going to donate 5 fresh ones to a needy family. The Lord has blessed us so much that we want to give back. I hope to be back to these pages soon!